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    November 2, 2013
    7:00 - 7:30am PDT  

st kitts was a free day. of course breaking news top twenty. so much. eagles to play. stocks. while. good
news. life is in pakistan confront the death of deadbeat dad had to lead and this is the one that i still wanted to arrest the skills let us try to strike out a body bag and another taking on huge debt linked to take them. she says that when you cry. that's eleven gets the credit will face a string of top end is tackled extreme and then deal with the ongoing political crisis the next general election we ate up the so called french james bond has cost the way to the da was the spine of a desk he died at age eighteen to me. five
plate race fine story. i have contact with the french secret that's it. welcome to our bank kept its good to have to wait outside in the road to clean as a straight steal our top story he was on the us is most wanted list. i had to find a m and end on a bounty on his hat trick in mind and then stick it in the back of the pakistani town of bon has been killed by a u s trying an eyewitness as his body was down eight but quite recognizable to the strike it is pico. mason was named top aide and was an entity behind a suicide attack at the c i a base in afghanistan as well as a failed call bombing in new york's times square at his death comes up to the pakistani government stop the peace talks with tata bond said in a correspondent on the cd he tells us how the train strike when the facts. negotiations. baby into the sheer amount that the peace dialogue with a cut above that of the stock didn't do work and dedication
to the autobot or alcohol she did. welcome to the mall to shop around here. back at it it would cease fire from all sides are open to the time to bond with the up their arms and hearts. but no expert and the report a copy in from the time of their actual guilt. in fact that i get to decide the next course of action plan of action which holds it to be. backpacks or was she in a box of old that she dyed cotton industry and the tapestry. and then going straight to the date of the night it went again that try to do the peace process the activation of the art store so that any parent but on strike for peace talks with the syrup. at that
intervention or that of the activity the company which then can start looking at. by holding hands. for example is it to church last saw last month. or go up to that of two of the actors actually saw. most of it but the government auction for charity. the trial the other publicly that. the act of external forces. that image as a pow. me tea and soft announced us sold and then stand up. prime minister on many key went to the white house to meet with barack obama. pacemen have vowed to fight against the receptionist about the death. many kids asking for the us and for mitre ten is to help oust is the spice is the bottom didn't give much detail about the nature of the cage but us officials hinted that the country went based intelligence to help iraqi forces that seek an essence that the us president question for discussion centered on the fact that local rocks made significant
progress in areas like oil production and up. range of other reforms that have taken place in oven for two al qaeda. as children. active and has grown more active recently. so he said. a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against the organization that operates the toll in iraq but also pose a threat to the entire region. all violence in iraq has reached a level unseen since two thousand and eight with an estimated seven thousand people killed as she and i and many think that the bloodshed could he needs to get another civil war in iraq. catherine spencer reports death and destruction of the comp on to the fabric of everyday night here in iraq. new and it seems is safe. most cafes in residential areas. the rule
breaking heat of the cage figures released by the ministries of health interior and defense to denounce months finance claim nine hundred and sixty four nights. these eight hundred and fifty five list of indians sixty five when police and fourteen school was sold as one of the sixteen hundred people were wounded. here in time that's life carries on as normal despite suffering some of the head he still sees during the may st and later studied finance. me un anyone else who walks in the streets at any moment. we may face a carbo motorcycle bomb or explosive belt that in the moment anyone can be killed without even having done anything wrong. on that this death toll is the highest since april two thousand and eight. when iraq was an aging from that bring to a sectarian war between cbc she is. now the maze to yourself to the us mint tea with two role as security situation has again
deteriorate it. despite government attempts to crack down on the sentencing trial curry down. for ten or eleven years now they've been talking about a new security plan. but nothing has changed and the situation is only getting worse all of the iraqi president mariam nike has again tend the us to help tapping the terrorists the idea saying he needs to do more to accommodate the country's much a nice steamy population if he's serious about sending me to see. with neighboring syria face hits and rachel civil war. the usp is that al qaeda will money to create a stronghold straddling the border in that country my friend thompson old and he's now facing them to lessen the government has vowed to track down human traffic is and it's months old and that blacks. this comes as the decomposing bodies of nine tt people makes the women and children. i found and as hard as that according to authorities they died of fact last month
after the trucks that were carrying them right down to the migrants with the southern district of conde she and luke was trying to reach neighboring county area. jack is mocking three days of mourning and the owner of the victims. jet set to take a new prime minister and the many and not de conti as well as members of the opposition are expected to choose his damning to updates i'm there i had any crime that will have two weeks to form an interim government after elections and steer the country after months of its court on oil correspondents me seven when a belt of the small and all the candidates for the job according to the strong sauce that circulated in the traditional media the two finalists are hot enough that i'm in the city other former ministers admitted that its leader. we gave up his reign was marked by human rights abuses but we
also introduced sweeping social reforms to the contamination issues of the tudor period as is her only asian country's history this year it can draw so that politically it is the fact that there was never really was government has also been reports for reform in government and to get a list of the year so it was eventually jailed. mr bassett for his part. this is the kind words and social affairs unit included policy asians have said in polls yet the increasing employment opportunities should be the number one priority for the cover. this nomination comes as the country's trying to maintain and no sign of what's hot and is moving you a promise to use. what was i that stagnating economy. i have elevated unemployment levels that come along with its beauty. one problem with the two prime minister when the deteriorating security situation. over the last two weeks nine and security
officers died in separate attacks in different regions of the country. when those attacks on religious extremists in particular on a group called the city out of which is a solid christian conservative. is proof that cost thousands of members across the country it does a few days ago. the other hand it to the tax would cost the lives of civilians to bombing attempts of the bridge sale of one of the us was a suicide bombing the first infusion as seen in over ten years ago and so on the beach and suits us something we already know that not a civilian lives. it dealt another blow to change its image as a true destination so they waited for news that the economy. so the new prime minister will try to better then that the local islamist government in during one such instance sandy said the injection sites rest and i just come
back from a full month break and his staff has already been suspended. the cbc channel that as this program has decided to pull the plug on to yousef make fun of them in a tree and the entry and governments on to the study several legal complaints have been filed against the comedienne them at lax as it rejects the insults he makes towards egyptian and politicians. it was he sets a fast exit since the ouster of the islamic present mohamad more see his depart engine i sparked a wave of deadly protests. grayson nineties adding support to the independence of the new party to stop accepting school is tame and go to bandung to the golden dawn they meant to be shot dead execution style each with three cats and had added the text. two suspects are now on the run they indicate that dominated by cost of the shoot out the attack comes up to the government launched a crackdown against me is that the code into an accused of condoning to criminal open ice age and i'm
hiking reports. he got into a few cold nights. the man in their twenties with taunting the golden zone on the seats when they were shot at close range on friday nights. not so fine tuned his life in hospital. the attack comes just weeks after senior parts of the dish it but embrace it on suspicion of forming a criminal organization authorities have ruled a terrorism that some members of goals and taunt the motivation behind the attack is beyond dance autonomy. this was a purely political assassination. a couple wanna be. the list. it was clearly an execution without doubts. because he did this was a professional once again the terrorism of the massachusetts based is trying to stop the rise of golden dawn. nonetheless this is. politicians from across the political spectrum nineteen ninety eight condemning the killings. hope you get near the commanders on the way let me on a book
will be dealt with robustly by eligible to see our justice system and the united greek society is your fondest golden tone rows from the security to the company says the most popular party after tapping into points but the anger will for integration and test their anti reformist. however authorities began a crackdown on the trip. rolling my eyes are open late spring musician by a self confessed to not see and support of the party imagine that's a topic and reach goals in tones that they had asked for police protection at the offices following sites. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the hike to the sixty years of wanting to that school finance unit to extract country. karen from the famous by number next to the da has caused delay age eighteen three he was diagnosed with concept and has left a legacy of millions of bucks well why did he created was being dubbed the french version of james bond and a series of books called ask and ask fm get a
sense he's fortunate the instantly recognizable by their lowering the various constraints and the town since he beat as the top selling and cn series of books has often been described as france is the answer to james bond since nineteen sixty five french rider to ride to bury gai has been turning out several novels the year. all featuring his everest socratic night he will now go to just play on. it's entertaining. it takes a summer trip. their stories but also have a bit of and expects the way their stories can be read easily use it is a small smile never a darling of critics he was nonetheless a publishing phenomenon selling more than ninety million copies of these books worldwide. as reported in any york times article did in the a was known for cultivating a vast network of intelligence officials diplomats and journalists to lafayette and information joe and some other people to its genesis in many american journalists who went down
inside. it's their thing the td kind people may be paid in different sources the entire list my dear and traveler he was a man of strong opinions. he outlined to sign away from controversial topics. besides the unlit go into my com if you get out now on. she went to look in this series as a as the kremlin's read and was released last month. it now appears to be trains now those final mission. well today is if you're wondering i say yes does not stand for the special s and suspenseful highs hot semi high ness and friends. halloween comes a d as in osman done so the day of the dead did not see america. tomato thousands of people went to the senate reid to pay tributes to the departed leaving gifts and talents on the teams as well as find giant kites will be receiving it isn't just the man meant that noone is also a celebration an accent
that makes it the ancient past expeditions and company but chose not to them the opportunity to embrace life. instead of the fear of death . this edition two state seats across the gap well welcome to this special edition of cult of fun spraying cats. today was going to be delving into the wealth of the sticks as the comic strips thirty fifth instalment is released. eight
of the whole conceit of steam and how it's easy thing to acting but is this the ryman in vegas. alongside his trusty it was likely constructed reduced to mention it's in the event that has translated into about twenty languages inspiring books films and tv again. even if the new cars the series has become a global phenomena. just for you meet in the streets and all but takes a back these times of me thinks it is i'm exploring new acts. delight that is enjoined on said adding some engine again from sixteen chi winning the state's local shop and institution. it has begun to think too much being with us to walk in the fred segal not meeting these comic books is how and what not made to friends contact one of you that these two coming weeks to go with my new friends i can send an assertion of leaks and depending if you like rebellious fight any of you with plenty of light
sticks better. so yeah i agree with the stories i use you really love how recycle and carter was a saxon hall on strong was of the lakes and on they can't teach you to be sold at the hip problems. any own way. i like these asteroids and all the knicks have been getting optimistic since the every so kate it's been a cassini and a bad idea as a bookend to pay the fifty four he isn't that the brown takes us back now to then many adventists it's it's it's it's streaks first appeared on the pages of your magazine in nineteen fifty nine. but his story goes much further to a small village in gold in the year fifty bc. inspired by real life police chieftains streaks and his sidekick all the links heal from the only village to live successfully resisted roman invasion the asterix series was dreamt up by illustrator out there would arizona and rancor renee go see the they make countless historical
allusions to france's placing adsense tips. david isn't that the savings account and send them a sense of when i say this is a legitimate and lawful would like to eat the good news in the usa from rough sketches in the nineteen forties streaks evolved into the wisest warrior in the village successfully defending their corner of the whole month on streaks unknowable makes more toned to britain to help fight the romans to switzerland to find a flower to make an antidote for a poisoned villager. and to egypt where asterix meets cleopatra can be translated into more than one hundred and ten languages and dialects. it's a bestseller in the comic book world with three hundred and fifty million copies sold worldwide and it's been turned into tv cartoons and move to the base of one or not it's a real created the name drawings and fifteen or twenty minutes. i know that sounds crazy because of the success we've had. if we had known back
then who would of been a bit more time into an ongoing into its own thanks. though all numbered and facing a fierce fighting force. our intrepid warriors prevail invariably thanks to unorthodox techniques and magic potion which infuse them with an immense power the streets and exploits the roads of all proportion to its market structure. he's made off with caesar's read and even won a gold medal at the human league teams in athens. we don't even touching the magic potion hey life's he's a successful comic book as you can see that fence and eagerly awaits in the next on the lights finally i've had. this is a fast one that has a new nineties and courageous isn't that the handsome pretty pink shoes to fill a compressor them to the concerns of very um difficult. usually a non mm expects the series to be as good as it spins so far what in the lead on a fee to
the zoo was supervising all that silly since he didn't like the van all the known and it takes a couple of really good comic book artists on me. we all knew already the last good things like the one is roots to vote on that then it was awesome which is an amazing comic book and come hide the things he's in a mountain was also there again so it's two in the weights. it's not like we are dealing with them. small time that's when i came out this site is coming but fate is not with steve at nights and then the petsmart step as the streets and albany state acting since the place the daisy buchanan ninety of hands on a copy of the streets and take sats them to advance his us a sneak peek two men beginning a new adventure. sure it's the first us troops noble that spoken for years but it's also the first in the hands of illustrator to d congrats and well in rider johnny family. freckles when freckles oh yes nice guy
meet the new character mack a lock. asterix and the fix is set in scotland. replete with stereotypes of kilts whiskey and bagpipes. conrad and joey say they wanted to find a fresh take on and the books that came before it i knew we were really constrained to respect the universe and style. it's art created from constraints constraints to respect the sixteen year career and illustrator of their leaders so in two thousand eleven he announced he would no longer be drawing the series and the supervise production in the latest book. andrew home when it's on the cover along new illustrator conrad the rest. we know we'd come as two weeks as a torch was passed on to this field taking the decisions of the things in the times that soon you will freeze. once we have friends whom we were happy. the same tiny t feel that twinge in your heart that you're no longer involves wanted to go diehard fans compare the new group with an old one by al their ideas though and see
some differences notably with female characters who need these huge push the nose the eye is the expression all very feminine but it's not the same lines as south africa is not the same sensuality it's worth it but just could never attain the air. and it's never easy to please the purest new book is the thirty fifth instalment of the series that's half a century old classic with a new touch. i designed a weighty thing to thing is he done to people's expecta works of the day was pretty well i think um though you're still that is still topical only thing that i can get tickets. salem was my boss i guess that's a great idea but again it is also a great thing. now my room it's a good job that did it i case is a well received set up will receive um it's selling pretty well. as usual soon. of course there will always be pupils telling us
that this is not like it used to be. this is different but it's to keep in mind that. it can always be the same thing as threefold it's time to mess with this one to do is to compete with everything that's happening around them and to make it in the way gets close to the original but also on. also while new and non intelligent and kind that's tough when you've got such a loyal fans that and say because i'm a disgrace it's relates france's national library is holding a retrospective of the state's exhibition features some of the original drawings and realizes the reasons for the league's holds enormous success. i may consider these sources at the exhibition has to concede to the beach now more foam. it's a lazy weekend i thought this day it is tied twice monday. his coach tim henman. it takes a
sip and see if he isn't something i'm not so in a band in nineteen seventy seven when he died. what no homes sunset caught him. it is the apple and fifty is at the three hundred million copies have sold what you think the secret is its successes. well i think to that old. cue the shooting about the time came out he was in nineteen fifty nine in nineteen sixty one for the first william to put together. um by the time france was still thinking about the war but the occupation. so the subject itself. these beetles flaking the roman oppressors was something people could realize his arm and then of course. yet the identities of their imprisoned in a comic book he always make fun off to regional um identities to steal types the national stereotypes but never in a mean way. it's always like um playful. you know. and that's that's one of the thing is that you can
always claim that someone from spain will keep still when the contest they know someone from home on scotland with the one we went to go to scotland. soo it's been very generous and in the condo communities but its intensity to that particular home that was the fact that it's like a saint. it's all is connected to its time when we succeed skill petronas theater the movie came up and down the collar and the first page of patio and the cost of the time and the opening scene. an avid comic book is a link to it scary. the thing is to elicit the same something today. it's a scheme that translates as nice as i didn't have a hundred languages as he set the fall. what about fitting into a two day is going well she mentioned that when it was best. racism is around the time that though well walk. no it's the different landscape is an epic three d we've we've thoughts at me these video games as a lot
more cgi has an almost keep children entertained. to think he has continued to see the success of the new rule because it's not just from it it's the wholesome goodness and the in its own local eating can be. it's the kittens and cats love them. it's a lot of things and you'll always have like a diehard fans. i was going to stick to the comic book because that's one of what the corrupt way. so today will be will never stop treating us next and then do your thing you did it it's the new ones. it will help make the monkeys come with with video games and then read the comic book and since it's so well written. there will always find something to see that the cuts that touches them. i think i say many more adventures at six to come we had that rings at the end of the special police say thank you to lead some to be joining us. i think eta thanks again you can find out more about the event is about six as well as other companies on our website you can find any at all and picked up at ten am going to
school dates. the navy now listen final images of the titans who have eighteen nineties and generations imagination until i can see from the sensei. i woohoo all i knew it. in it. each
it is. i will. is you
the setback. what was the bloodiest month in iraq since two thousand and eight other countries pm. with us assistance to battle the insurgency. these profits in the sand gets us through treatment on him and strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban was prepared to negotiate. watts it's almost like a symbolic over one of the populace. it ak